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WASHINGTON TRIP (5-10-1954): SEATED (l-r): Patsy Shellenberger, Emma Ritzman, Mary Cunningham, Beverly Ritzman, Beverly Wharton, Hazel Welshonse, Belva Naylor, Joan Bardell, Dorice McClure, Mona Booher, Gayle Meloy, Joanne Ulsh, Dorothy Kerchner, Kay Crimmel, JoAnne Landis; STANDING: Jim Taylor, Warren Dowling, Charles Shellenberger, Robert Taylor, George Stake, Glen Wharton, Dorothy Kephart, Dorothy McCahan (Teachers), Harold Book, Steve Swartz, Ken Cisney, Keith McCahan, Ed Allen, Earl Kepner
Contributed by rkohler3 on 9/12/10 - Image Year: 1954

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Since the TVHS Classes of 1954 and 1955 were few in members, they made a joint trip to Washington and held joint reunions.

Harold Allen (54 Class President)
Joan Bardell Weiand
Mona Booher Barnes
Gretchen Burdge Arnold
Kenneth Cisney
Kay Crimmel Leach (54 Class Historian)
Ruth Ditmer Kleckner
Harold Hartman, Jr.
Mary Hockenberry McLaughlin
Earl Kepner
JoAnne Landis Heckert (54 Class Secretary)
Keith McCahan
Dorice McClure Pontius
Brverly Ritzman Hood
Charles Shellenberger
George Stake (54 Class Treasurer)
James Taylor
Robert Taylor
Joanne Ulsh Allen (54 Class Vice President)
Glen Wharton

Harold Book
Mary Lou Burd Lay (55 Class Historian)
Mary Cunningham Willi
Warren Dowling
Dorothy Kerchner Hettinger
Gayle Meloy Cisney (55 Class Vice President)
Belva Naylor Fulton (55 Class Treasurer)
Emma Ritzman Page
Stephen Swartz (55 Class President)
Patsy Shellenberger Harris
Hazel Welshonse Keister (55 Class Secretary)
Beverly Wharton Brackbill

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 9/12/10 - Image Year: 1984
TVHS CLASS 54-55 REUNION (Zimmies Diner Sept. 22, 1984) FRONT ROW (l-r): Dorice McClure Pontius, Joan Bardell Weiand, Kay Crimmel Leach, Mary Lou Burd Warner, JoAnne Landis Heckert, Beverly Ritzman Hood, Hazel Welshonse Keister; MIDDLE ROW: Retta Helwig Ebersole, Joanne Ulsh Swartz, Ruth Ditmer, Belva Naylor Fulton, Emma Ritzman Page, Gayle Meloy Cisney, Ken Cisney; BACK ROW: Jim Taylor, Ed Allen, George Brackbill, George Stake, Harold Book, Steve Swartz.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 9/12/10 - Image Year: 1996
TVHS CLASS 1954-55 REUNION (June 22, 1996 at McClure-Pontius Picnic Area): SEATED (l-r): Kay Crimmel Leach, Gayle Meloy Cisney, Peggy Lidstone Selkot (Home Economics Teacher), Joan Bardell Weiand, Dorice McClure Pontius, Beverly Ritzman Hood; STANDING: Keith McCahan, George Stake, Steve Swartz, Ken Cisney, Helen Crawford Ferguson (Home Economics Teacher), James Taylor, Warren Dowling, Steve Heiser (agriculture teacher) Harold Hartman
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/7/11 - Image Year: 1998
TVHS CLASS 54-55 REUNION (Pontius McClure Picnic Area - July 11, 1998) Seated (l-r) Ed Allen, Harold Hartman, Jr., George Stake, Ken Cisney, George Brackbill, Steve Swartz; Standing (l-r) Joan Bardell Weiand, Beverly Ritzman Hood, Retta Helwig Ebersole, Gayle Meloy Cisney, JoAnne Landis Heckert, Kay Crimmel Leach, Dorice McClure Pontius
Contributed by rkohler3 on 9/21/11 - Image Year: 2011
TVHS CLASS 1954-55 REUNION (Sept 17, 2011 at Turbett Grange) Front Row (l-r): George Stake, Kay Crimmel Leach, Joan Bardell Weiand, JoAnne Landis Heckert, Dorice McClure Pontius [1954 class]. Back Row (l-r): Harold Hartman, Ed Allen, Joanne Ulsh Allen [1954]; Belva Naylor Fulton, Gayle Meloy Cisney, Emma Ritzman Page [1955]; Beverly Ritzman Hood [1954]. [Photo taken for Harold Hartman by Jacob Weiand, middle school grandson of Joan Weiand.]
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/18/13 - Image Year: 2013
1954 and 1955 TUSCARORA VALLEY CLASSES REUNITE The 1954 and 1955 graduates of Tuscarora Valley High School held a reunion on Saturday, September 21 [2013] at Turbett Grange Hall with the following in attendance: Joanne and Ed Allen, Belleville; Joan and Bob Weiand, Thompsontown; Dorice and Don Pontius, Kay and Arden Leach, JoAnne and Bob Heckert, George and Lydia Stake and Gayle Cisney, all of Port Royal; Beverly Hood, Mifiintown: and Jim Taylor of Ohio. (Juniata Sentinel 10-16-2013)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/2/14 - Image Year: 2014
TVHS CLASS 54-55 REUNION: (Sept 27, 2014 at Turbett Grange, Turbett Twp., Juniata Co., PA) Seated [left to right]: JoAnne Landis Heckert, Gretchen Burdge Arnold, Joanne Ulsh Allen, Joan Bardell Weiand, Kay Crimmel Leach, Beverly Ritzman Hood. Standing [left to right]: George Stake, Earl Kepner, Ruth Ditmer Kleckner, Harold Allen, Dorice McClure Pontius, James Taylor, Belva Naylor Fulton, Harold Book, Gayle Meloy Cisney, Stephen Schwarz. (Photo taken and submitted by Harold Hartman, Jr.)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/30/22 - Image Year: 2022
TVHS CLASS 54-55 REUNION: (Sept 24, 2022 at Turbett Grange, Turbett Twp., Juniata Co., PA) [Seated: [left to right]]: Dorice McClure Pontius, Beverly Ritzman Hood, Joan Bardell Weiand, JoAnne Landis Heckert, Kay Crimmel Leach; [standing] Gayle Meloy Cisney, Joanne Ulsh Allen, Harold "Ed" Allen, George Stake, James Taylor. (All are members of Class of '54 except Gayle Cisney Class of '55)

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