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This is how the Moyer farm house appeared in the Spring of 2009 when it was listed to Craig Book.
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Two large farms existed inside the town bounderies of Port Royal. One was commonly known as the Moyer Farm. The second was the Groninger Farm. This first farm was located in the southern section of the town between Main Street and the Tuscarora Creek. It included ground that had formerly been the home of original fairgrounds.

This farm was first owned by, William and Mary B. "Molly" (Leahey) Wisehaupt. Later the farm was sold to Lester Moyer, and eventually his sons William and Harold "Whitey" Moyer would own it.

While owning the farm, the Moyer Brothers engaged in the trading of livestock.

During the later part of the 1900s much of the open farm land was converted to residential building lots for the southern extension of 4th Street, Tuscarora Acres and the eventual development of Moyer Park.

At some point Craig Book purchased the farm house and barn and the land in their immediate vicinity.

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