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Eighth St.
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This is how the Town Place Apartments appeared in the Spring of 2009.
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In the distant past, the main three story portion of this structure served as the boarding house for students at the Airy View Academy and Port Royal High School. After renovation it became the home of Admiral John G. and Sarah (Groninger) Crawford.

Eventually an addition was added on the north side of the building. This addition served as the farm house for the Groninger Farm. This farm house was the home of Guy and Nellie (Bly) Gilson and George and Rebecca (Rodgers) Burns.

Since about 1965 the three story portion of the structure was divided into apartments by John Groninger, a member of the original farm family.

Prior to his death, former Major League Pitcher Fred Frankhouse and his wife Mabel (Skiles) lived in one of these apartments.

Eventually the building was owned by Republic Development Corporation.

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EIGHTH STREET: an aerial view of Eighth Street between Milford Street to the top and Main Street to the bottom as represented by Google Maps.

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