216 Tuscarora Street (Fiddler's Green)

Tuscarora (Fiddler's Green) St.
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This is how 216 Tuscarora Street (Fiddler's Green) appeared in the Spring of 2009.
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Next to the corner of Tuscarora and Third Streets, in the house painted green, lives Madeline McCready Kilmer. Madeline and her late husband Phil purchased this house from the Clem Johnson family. The Johnson's had 3 children, Mildred, Dorothy and Bob. Dorothy operated a beauty shop in this house for sometime. Mrs. Johnson and Madeline Kilmer's mother were sisters. Madeline was the music teacher at good old T.V.H.S. and she started the band. As a teacher, all her students loved Madeline, and today we still have fond memories of her and our days in the band. How proud we all were to be members of her band and what fun we had. Lee Smith used to drill us in our march. We marched all over town counting out the cadence. Madeline and Phillip were the parents of two children, Carla (now by marriage Carla Zimmerman) and Phillip. Phillip and his family live in Port Royal on Market Street.

(Recollection from JoAn Bashore Slautterback of the houses, owners, and occupants of Fiddlers Green, from the late 30s and 40s. as published in the Port Royal Times 2004.)

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TUSCARORA STREET: an aerial view of Tuscarora Street (sometimes known as Fiddlers' Green) between 5th Street to the left and the PRR tracks to the right as represented by Google Maps.

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