Thomas "Creek" WILSON

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Although no tombstone is available, this marker can be found in the Glebe Cemetery, Juniata County, PA. The marker was likely placed by a grandson. (Tombstones are not usually placed on this site since they are more appropriate for "" or "", but an exception was made since we have no image of Thomas Wilson.)
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Thomas Wilson was a justice of the peace in Cumberland County, and one of the men who helped drive out squatter trespassers on the unpurchased lands of the Indians in 1750.

He took up a large tract of land where Port Royal borough is currently situated. One tract was warranted February 3, 1755, and had two hundred and forty-two acres; the other, June 9, 1763, had one hundred and six acres. The lower tract he called “Armagh” [after his old home in Ireland] and the other “Addition,” surveyed, April 26, 1765, by William Maclay. George Armstrong’s land bounded above on the river.

Wilson moved on his lands in 1771, and assumed prominence in the early settlement. He was called “Thomas Wilson, Creek,” to distinguish him from the man of the same name at the mountain [Thomas Wilson, Mountain]. His son, George, sheriff of Mifflin County in 1791, and his grandson, Sheriff W. W. Wilson, of Mifflintown were men well known in their day.

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 7/16/14 - Image Year: 1990
The enclosure for the Thomas Wilson marker that precedes. (This is found in the Glebe Cemetery (now known as the Cedar Springs Cemetery, Walker Township, Juniata County, Pennsylvania.))

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