Clothing Factory - Rae-Sel

Fourth St. (Fairview)
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This is how the building appeared in the Spring of 2009. It was not evident from its appearance that it was currently being used. (The roof of the building is clearly visible from the fairground grandstand. Thus the sign that is visible in the photo.)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 9/16/09 - Image Year: 2009

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This was one of the clothing factories located in Port Royal. (There was a wollen mill just after the Civil War, an underwear and shirt factory on Fiddler's Green during World War I and although it didn't produce clothing, there was also a silk mill in the latter area.)

According to an article in a 1922 issue of the Port Royal Times, a New York City shirt manufacturer, Philip-Jones Corp. built this facility and operated it beginning in that year. The article says that they plan to hire about 80 persons when fully staffed. (The article also says that they employed 35 people at an earlier location in the town.)

At some point this building served as a banquet hall. And at one time there was also an egg plant. This egg enterprise apparently ended when a fire occurred.

This was one of the more successful enterprises in Port Royal and provided employment for many people over an extended period of time.

In the early 1940s the site was under the ownership of a company known as Wallick - Schwalm.

The site was last used by Rae-Sel (a clothing producer that ceased operation in 1985).

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 8/31/11 - Image Year: 2011
Rear of the Clothing Factory Building. (Photo submitted by Jonathan M. Wert)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/19/19 - Image Year: 2000
REAR VIEW OF CLOTHING FACTORY (Photo courtesy of Wayne Taylor)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 5/15/14 - Image Year: 2007
FOURTH STREET (FAIRVIEW): This is an aerial view of the north third of Fourth Street, (terminating just south of the Clothing Factory), as provided by Google Maps.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/19/19 - Image Year: 1955
GARMENT FACTORY WORKERS (Year Unknown likely during the 1950s) (Photo courtesy of Wayne Taylor)

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