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This is the building where William Donahey had his Meat Market. (509 Market Street)
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William H. Donahey operated a meat store in Port Royal as early as 1893 since he is mentioned in the articles about the James Carpenter Murder Case. In addition the March 27, 1907 issue of the Port Royal Times contained the following: "W. H. Donahey was at Buffalo last week where he purchased a car load of fine steers which he will dress and see to his large trade." The May 8, 1907 issue of the Times included the following: "If you need a sewing machine buy the Singer. For sale by W. M. Donahey. Cash or installments."

After Donahey, the store was operated by John Swartz.

Eventually the store was operated by the Russell Eaton Family.

After Eatons, the store was converted to a shoe store operated by the Ditmers.

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ADVERTISEMENT that appeared in the 1927 PRHS Yearbook.
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ADVERTISEMENT from 1929 PRHS Yearbook.
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ADVERTISEMENT for Swartz Store
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ADVERTISEMENT for Ditmer's Shoe Store

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