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The storefront area of the building has hosted numerous businesses. Lawrence Elliott had a barber shop here and then Merton "Mert" Long bought the business in 1913 and operated it for forty-four years. Ken Fronk also had a barber shop at the same location, as did Earl Willi. Eventually, Thelma "Tink" (Naylor) Horning had a beauty shop at this location.
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Merton Wayne "Mert" Long was a barber in Port Royal during much of his adult life.

In 1912 he purchased a shop from Lawrence Elliott and operated it for the next forty-four years. After purchase of his Port Royal shop, the following note appeared in the July 17, 1912 issue of the Port Royal Times: "The interior of M. W. Long’s barber shop at Port Royal has been painted and papered and the exterior has also been painted. A handsome new cup rack has been put in the shop and now Mert has the most up-to-date shop in Juniata county."

The shop may not always have been at this location as the following item from the Oct. 22, 1913 issue of the Port Royal Times would indicate: "The fixtures of the barber shop, which for several years has been operated by Lawrence Elliott in Port Royal have been sold to M. W. Long. For the present, the shop is now closed as well as the pool room which was run in connection with the barber shop."

Upon Mert's retired, this shop would be owned by Ken Fronk and Earl Willi.

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 3/7/13 - Image Year: 1940
Market Street facing east toward the Railroad Bridge. The entrance to Hackedorn's Restaurant would be just beyond the children on the left of the photo and the Barber Shop just beyond the restaurant. The building on the right at the foot of the railroad bridge is the building that contained the A&P Store. It appears that the photo was taken from Market Street about half way between Second and Third Streets. (Photo submitted by Wayne Taylor)
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ADVERTISEMENT for Long's Barber Shop.
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ADVERTISEMENT from 1927 PRHS Yearbook.
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ADVERTISEMENT from 1930 PRHS Yearbook
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ADVERTISEMENT from the 1949 TVHS Yearbook.
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ADVERTISEMENT for Earl Willi Barber Shop.

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