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Old Port (Rt. 333)
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Old Port School with Warren M. Kohler as the teacher. (Year unknown assume sometime between 1915 and 1929.) (If anyone knows the names of any of the students please forward the information to Ray Kohler at
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/4/09 - Image Year: 1920

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Old Port School was one of the one room elementary schools located in Turbett Township. Others were Mount Hope and Freedom. Old Port School closed approximately 1944 and Nellie L. Taylor was the last teacher there. There were students Grades 1-6 in this one room school house. Those were wonderful school days and lots of school memories.

Until the opening of the Tuscarora Valley Elementary School, Old Port students were bussed to Freedom school about 8 miles up route 75.

After its use as a school building, the school was turned into a private residence and the Bardell family resided there for a number of years in the mid twentieth century.

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/4/09 - Image Year: 1924
Students and Teacher Warren M. Kohler at Old Port School in 1924. (If anyone can identify persons in this photo, please forward the names to Ray Kohler at
Contributed by jglennel on 10/2/09 - Image Year: 1943
Persons (L-R) Nellie Landis, Virginia Ard, Nancy Ard, LaRue Strawser, Nellie Landis Taylor (Teacher), Mary Lou Burd, Blanche Leonard, and Joyce Ard. Aunt Nellie wrote in her memoirs the following: "Teachers were in great demand in 1942. Two days before school was to start she was asked to return to O P. in 1943." She started there in 1929.
Contributed by jglennel on 10/2/09 - Image Year: 1944
Students (L-R) Top Row: Virginia Ard, Darrell Burdge, ??? Wall, Don Kepner; Next Row: Charles Hockenberry, Dick Eaton, Cora Naylor, Nancy Ard, Blanche Leonard, Walter Walls , Jim McClure , Don Hosler; Next Row: Gretchen Burdge, ?? ???, Mary Hockenberry, Doris Naylor, JoAnne Landis, Betty Burdge, Carol Burdge, Eugene Hosler, Mary Lou Burd; Bottom Row: LaRue Strawswer, Nellie Landis, ??? ???, Belva Naylor (Rows indistinct, Identification Difficult)

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