210 East Second Street

Second St.
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This is how 210 East Second Street appeared in the Spring of 2009 when it was listed to William Underwood.
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Situated on the corner of Tusarora and Second Streets lived Gordon and Kathleen Bashore, along with their daughters, now by marriage, JoAn Slautterback and Patricia Forney. Before the Bashores lived there the house was owned by Ben Lytle and occupied by his son, Cecil Lytle and wife Janet. Cecil and Janet had 3 daughters and a son. Nan Eckard was one of the daughters, others Jerry and Betty, son's name was Bob. Robert and JoAn Slautterback owned this property after her father Gordon Bashore died, but recently Slautterbacks sold it to Alister McKinzie.

(Recollection from JoAn Bashore Slautterback of the houses, owners, and occupants of Fiddlers Green, from the late 30s and 40s. as published in the Port Royal Times 2004.)

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SECOND STREET: an aerial view of Second Street between Main Street to the north and Tuscarora Street to the south as represented by Google Maps.

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