111 Tuscarora Street (Fiddler's Green)

Tuscarora (Fiddler's Green) St.
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This is how 111 Tuscarora Street (Fiddler's Green) looked in the Spring of 2009.
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This house is located on the corner of Tuscarora and Second Streets. In 2004 the house was owned and occupied by John and Jackie Summers. When I was growing up in that neighborhood, Bill and Grace (Walters) Rice lived there. Grace Rice and Grover Wolfgang's mother were sisters.

But before Grace and Bill Rice lived there, Melvin and Sarah Crimmel and their daughter Helen lived there.

After the Rice's passed away the home was briefly occupied by a Mr. Bauer, the father of Nancy Wolfgang.

When Mr. Bauer died, the house was owned and occupied by Tom and Carol Bryner. John and Jacquie Summers purchased the home from the Bryners.

Behind Bill and Grace Rice's house there were two houses. In the one Charlie Mateer (brother of Bill's first wife Rena) lived and in the other lived Bill Rice's brother, John. When John Rice died, Charlie Mateer moved out to a little building on 3rd Street behind the creamery (which is now Blue Valley Industries). The little houses behind 111 were then torn down.

Scott & Cathy Jo (Arbogast) Brady now [2012] own the home which they purchased from her parents John & Jacquie Summers in July 2007.

(Recollection from JoAn Bashore Slautterback of the houses, owners, and occupants of Fiddlers Green, from the late 30s and 40s. as published in the Port Royal Times 2004.)

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 5/5/14 - Image Year: 2007
TUSCARORA STREET: an aerial view of Tuscarora Street (sometimes known as Fiddlers' Green) between 5th Street to the left and the PRR tracks to the right as represented by Google Maps.

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