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Sitting along the left side of the PRR tracks is the Wisehaupt Grain Mill and Elevator. Across the tracks is the Tuscarora House. The Hotel Royal is visible at the far left of the photo. (The photo was taken from atop the Railroad Bridge.)
Contributed by ray on 3/6/13 - Image Year: 1920

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George B. M. Wisehaupt established a grain, coal and lumber business at a location near the Pennsylvania Railroad along Milford Street. In addition he formed a farm machinery business at the intersection of Main and Second Streets.

Later the mill was owned by Horace Frazer (husband of Laura Wisehaupt), daughter of John and Mary Jane Wisehaupt. Later George Wisehaupt’s son Frank acquired the mill, then John Stake, then Charles Goodman and later John Anstine.

In 1932 the lumber portion of the business was sold to Also, part of the business was sold to the H. C. Hower Lumber Company.

Believe that the property is currently (2009) owned by H. Wayne Haubert.

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 3/6/13 - Image Year: 1929
ADVERTISEMENT from 1929 PRHS Yearbook.
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