21 First Street (Water)

First St. (Water)
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This is how 21 First Street appeared in the Spring of 2009.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 3/29/22 - Image Year: 2009

This building sits on the east side of First Street. It is a double house. During part of the 1900s it was occupied by two brothers and their families. The George "Tommy" and Sarah (Harris) Wagner Family lived in No 19 (near the camera) while brother Fred and Margaret (Vawn) Wagner family occupied No. 21 (further from the camera).

(The house had been purchased on March 16, 1867 for $650 from Samuel Hawk. He had purchased it from the Hannah Rice Estate in 1866 for $630.)

(It is possible that at one time this building was a try-plex. If so, section three to the south has been removed.)

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