313 East Third Street

Third St.
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This is how 313 East Third Street appeared in the Spring of 2009 when it was listed to Mary McLaughlin.
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This house sits on the east side of East Third Street directly across from the former Silk Mill building.

Behind the Mollie Wisehaupt house on 3rd Street, were 2 houses. One house is presently owned and occupied by Mary McLaughlin. The other house was torn down. While I was growing up two Longacre families lived there. In the one house “Tiny” Longacre and his son “Bick” lived. A Longacre lived in the other house also, not sure if it was Tiny's brother or uncle. At one time Hazel Baitzel and her brother Harry lived in one of the houses.

(Recollection from JoAn Bashore Slautterback of the houses, owners, and occupants of Fiddlers Green, from the late 30s and 40s. as published in the Port Royal Times 2004.)

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