Fairview Extension

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The one story white house on the left that is partially hidden by a tree is currently 404 North Fourth Street. In addition the road that curves around the tennis court fence (on the left of the photo) was locally known as the "Cinder Path". It runs along the perimeter of the Fairgrounds and was used to exercise horses when the race track was too muddy for that purpose.
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When houses were first erected north of Milford Street on Fourth Street, the cluster of houses was known as the Fairview Extension. When auto racing first came to the track on the fairgrounds, many of the residents of Fairview protested the detrimental effects of the dust created by the race cars.

Until acquired by the borough, this section was a part of Milford Township as was the Fairgrounds. During that time, Milford Street was known as North Street. After the acquisition of the property north of North Street, the Street name was changed to Milford Street and so remains. Because the property north of North Street was part of Milford Township, thus the crossing of the PRR was called the Milford Street Crossing and Milford Township's permission was needed to close it after the opening of the Railroad Bridge.

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