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Sheila McCarthy Yorks at a Bicentennial Planning Committee Meeting in 2012.
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Sheila Yorks was raised in Port Royal and resided there until 1980. She was the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Walters who lived at 615 North Fourth Street (Fairview). She is a reporter for the Juniata Sentinel.

Sheila married Richard Yorks in 1979 and they now (2010) reside in Arch Rock (Mifflintown) (although she says her heart still remains in Port Royal). The Yorks have two married daughters: Abby (Yorks) Fohringer and Laura (Yorks) Phillips.

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Sheila Yorks talking with Amelia (Hartman) McElwee at 2010 Old Home Days in Port Royal.
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Sheila McCarthy Yorks [Port Royal Bicentennial History Book Committee Chair] before Community Worship Service and Veterans Salute on Sunday September 30, 2012 at end of Bicentennial Celebration in Fairgrounds. (Photo submitted by Harold Hartman, Jr.)
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RETIREMENT CELEBRATED: Sheila McCarthy Yorks retired from the Juniata Sentinel on Friday October 28, 2013. She had worked continuously at the newspaper for the previous 11 years. She had also worked for the paper during the 1990s. During her tenure at the Sentinel she served as a reporter/photographer. (Photo by Bryan Smith for Juniata Sentinel)

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