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GRADUATION PICTURE FOR THE TVHS CLASS OF 1956 - Front Row: (L-R) Patsy Kipp, William Gilliland, Evelyn Eaton, Larry Turbett, Joan Searer, Leon Kepner, Louise Bergstresser, Glen Moyer, Mildren Brackbill. Middle Row: Robert Yohn, Roma Fisher, Abe Harbst, Joyce Book, David McCahan, Linda Kohler, William Hubler, Nellie Landis, Jerry Zettle, Nancy Wert. Back Row: Max Wharton, Ronald Bargo, Robert Crimmel.
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Ronald Bargo, Louise Bergstresser, Joyce Book, Mildren Brackbill, Jon Crimmel, Robert Crimmel, Evelyn Eaton, Roma Fisher, William Gilliland, Abe Harbst, William Hubler, Leon Kepner, Patsy Kipp, Linda Kohler, Nellie Landis, David McCahan, Glen Moyer, Joan Searer, Arlene Shirk, Larry Turbett, Nancy Wert, Max Wharton, Robert Yohn and Jerry Zettle.

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JUNIOR YEAR OF THE TVHS CLASS OF 1956 Front Row (L-R): Arlene Shirk, Louise Bergstresser, Patsy Kipp, Mildred Brackbill, Teacher Miss Kern (teacher), Nancy Wert, Nellie Landis, Joyce Book. Middle Row: Larry Turbett, Glen Moyer, Roma Fisher, Joan Searer, Linda Kohler, Evelyn Eaton, William Gilliland. Top Row: Jon Crimmel, Robert Crimmel, Robert Yohn, Max Wharton, Ronald Bargo, Jerry Zettle, Leon Kepner, William Hubler, David McCahan.
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SOPHOMORE YEAR OF TVHS CLASS OF 1956: Front Row (l-r) Nancy Wert, Nellie Landis, Joyce Book, Mildred Brackbill, Mrs. Kephart (Teacher), Patsy Kipp, Evelyn Eaton, Louise Bergstresser, Joan Searer; Middle Row: Larry Turbett, Lincoln Longacre, Arlene Shirk, Roma Fisher, Linda Kohler, Glenn Moyer, William Gilliland; Back Row: Robert Walters, Max Wharton, Ronald Bargo, Robert Crimmel, Robert Yohn, Leon Kepner, David McCahan, William Hubler, Jon Crimmel.
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THE CLASS OF 1956 AS THEY APPEARED AT THE PORT ROYAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - FOURTH GRADE CLASS - 1948 - Front Row: Harry "Red" Lauver, Jr., Jon Crimmel, Leon Kepner, Bill Hubler, Bob Benner, ????; - Row By Himself: Bob Walters; - Next Row: Nancy Wert, Lincoln Longnecker, Jerry Zettle, Bob Crimmel, Bob Yohn; - Back Row: Louise Bergstresser, Linda Kohler, Patsy Kipp, Eleanor Lauver, Evelyn Eaton. Teacher: Ruth Beaver
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CLASS OF 56 REUNION HELD IN 1971: (seated, l-r): Evelyn (Eaton) Swartz, Joyce Book, Dorothy Kephart (teacher), Mrs. Shearer (Teacher), Mildred (Brackbill) Hendricks; (standing l-r):Patsy (Kipp) Vaclavik, William Gilliland, Robert Crimmel, Jerry Zettle, William Hubler, Louise (Bergstresser) Kellehar.

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