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TVHS CLASS of 1957 GRADUATION PICTURE: FRONT ROW (L - R): Donna Welshonse, Leon Harbst, Amelia Hartman, Ray Kohler, Janice McClure, Donald Gilliland, Louann Groninger; MIDDLE ROW: Bruce Hockenberry, Nancy McCahan, Glen "Skip" Kepner, Marianna Hartman, Jonathan Boyer, Audrey Bashore, Donald Fike; BACK ROW: Lena "Jackie" Goodman, Donna Boyer, Larue Strawser
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/5/09 - Image Year: 1957


Class Members:

Audrey Bashore
Donna Boyer
Jonathan Boyer
Donald Fike
Donald Gilliland
Lena "Jackie" Goodman
Louann Groninger
Leon Harbst
Amelia Hartman
Marianna Hartman
Bruce Hockenberry
Glen "Skip" Kepner
Ray Kohler
Nancy McCahan
Janice McClure
Larue Strawser
Donna Welshonse

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 8/12/10 - Image Year: 1948
CLASS OF 57 IN 4TH GRADE: SEATED (l-r) Ernie Foltz, Harry Lauver, Glen Kepner, ???, Jon Wert; MIDDLE ROW: Louann Groninger, Andrea Kepner, Carol Isenberg, Amelia Hartman, Jane Miller, Lena Goodman; BACK ROW: Mrs. Ruth Beaver (Teacher), Marianna Hartman, ???, Donna Boyer, Audrey Bashore
Contributed by rkohler3 on 8/12/10 - Image Year: 1949
CLASSES OF 57 & 58 IN 1949: FR: Ernie Foltz, ???, Phil Clark, Jon Wert, ???, Glen Kepner, ???, Wayne Taylor, Bob Benner; 2nd R: Lena Goodman, Audrey Bashore, Louann Groninger, Judy Book, Stella Eaton, Ann Stake, Andrea Kepner, Jane Ann Gilson, Harry Lauver, 3rd R: Dorothy Wagner, Carol Isenberg, Amelia Hartman, Eleanor Lauver, Darlene Pennebaker; STANDING: Jane Miller, Donna Boyer, Cleo Eaton, Marianna Hartman, ???, Ron Gerhart, Ruth Beaver (teacher) (Photo submitted by Audrey Bashore Monroe)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 8/12/10 - Image Year: 1955
CLASS OF 57 IN SOPHOMORE YEAR (54-55): FRONT ROW (l-r): Dolores Burdge, Donna Welshonse, Louann Groninger, Larue Strawser, Mrs. Stimmel (teacher), Donna Boyer, Lena Goodman, Amelia Hartman; MIDDLE ROW: Don Gilliland, Jane Miller, Nancy McCahan, Eleanor Lauver, Marianna Hartman, Janice McClure, Audrey Bashore, Ray Kohler; BACK ROW: Don Fike, Glen Kepner, Jon Boyer, Mike Renninger, Bruce Hockenberry (Photo supplied by Audrey Bashore Monroe)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 7/4/11 - Image Year: 1954
CLASSES '57-'58: ROW 1: J. Barton, J. Boyer, H. Lauver, J. Wert, E. Foltz, B. Hockenberry, R. Kohler, R. Henry, R. Bardell, R. Benner, D. Gilliland, M. Renninger, T. Searer, G. Kepner, R. Gerhart, R. Peterson, D. Fike, W. Taylor; ROW 2: D. Boyer, A. Bashore, N. McCahan, A. Hartman, C. Isenberg, D. Wagner, D. Burdge, D. Welshonse, J. McClure, L. Goodman, L. Strawser, S. Eaton, C. Renninger, LA. Groninger, M. Hartman, D. Pennebaker, D. Brackbill, A. Stake, V. Book, J. Book, J. Gilson.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 7/3/11 - Image Year: 1954
CLASS OF 57 IN FRESHMAN (54) YEAR: Front Row: Dolores Burdge, Donna Welshonse, Janice McClure, Donna Boyer, Mr. Heiser (Teacher), Louann Groninger, LaRue Strawser, Carol Isenberg, Lena Goodman; Middle Row: Ray Kohler, Amelia Hartman, Marianna Hartman, Nancy McCahan, Eleanor Lauver, Jane Miller, Audrey Bashore, Donald Gilliland; Top Row: Bruce Hockenberry, Gary Weiand, Reynolds Shearer, Michael Renninger, Jonathan Boyer, Donald Fike, Glen Kepner, Robert Benner.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 8/9/10 - Image Year: 1957
BOYS of the CLASS of 1957: (l-r) Leon Harbst, Donald Gilliland, Donald Fike, Jon Boyer, Bruce Hockenberry, Ray Kohler, Glen Kepner.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 3/1/10 - Image Year: 2007
50th YEAR CLASS REUNION: Riden's Restaurant, Yeagertown, October 20, 2007. Front Row: Amelia Hartman McElwee, Marianna Hartman Ewert, Janice McClure Auker, Louann Grononger Lewis, Back Row: Glen "Skip" Kepner, Donald "Duck" Gilliland, Ray Kohler
Contributed by rkohler3n on 3/5/10 - Image Year: 2007
50th YEAR CLASS REUNION: Riden's Restaurant, Yeagertown, October 20, 2007. Seated (l-r): (Class Members Marked With an *) Amelia Hartman McElwee*, Marianna Hartman Ewert*, Janice McClure Auker*, Louann Grononger Lewis*, Standing: Glen "Skip" Kepner*, Nancy Kepner, William Mcelwee, Gary Ewing, Jay Auker, Ed Lewis, Donald "Duck" Gilliland*, Betty Jean Gilliland, Ray Kohler*
Contributed by rkohler3 on 9/28/12 - Image Year: 2012
TVHS CLASS of '57 at 2012 REUNION: (l-r) Glen "Skip" Kepner, Marianna (Hartman) Ewert, Janice (McClure) Auker, Amelia (Hartman) McElwee, Louann (Groninger) Lewis, Jonathan Boyer (Photo submitted by Bill McElwee)
Contributed by rkohler3 on 10/4/15 - Image Year: 2015
TVHS CLASS of '57 at 2015 HIGH SCHOOL REUNION (3 Oct 2015): (l-r) Amelia Hartman McElwee, Jay Auker, Janice McClure Auker, Glen "Skip" Kepner, Marianna Hartman Ewert, Gary Ewert (Photo submitted by William McElwee)

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