18 First Street (Water)

First St. (Water)
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This is how 18 First Street appeared during the Spring of 2009 when it was listed to Donald Swartz.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 9/25/09 - Image Year: 2009

This double house sits on the west side of First Street. They are two of the very few houses on that side of the street. No 16 is on the right and No 18 on the left. During the 1950s the Mahlon Benner family lived in No 16 and the V. Eugene Metzgar Family in No 18.

There was no one living in either house during the Spring of 2009.

During the Spring of 2009, Donald Swartz owned 18 First Street.

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Contributed by rkohler3 on 12/14/17 - Image Year: 2017
This is one of the original log homes on First Street. The logs can be seen where the siding has been removed. (Photo submitted by Jonathan Wert, Jr.) Jonathan says that this is one of two log houses on First Street in 2017. The other is a house owned by William Wagner.
Contributed by rkohler3 on 5/7/14 - Image Year: 2007
MIDDLE FIRST STREET: This is an aerial view of the middle of First (Water) Street as provided by Google Maps. The view begins at the Juniata River Bridge at the top.

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