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Old Port (Rt. 333)
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The former tavern building currently serves as a farm house. This is how the building appeared in 2012. (Photo submitted by Wayne Taylor)
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Jacob Rice's Tavern was built between 1790 and 1802 in Saint Tammany's Town [now Old Port-Turbett Township]. The tavern was located along what is now Route 75. Jacob had purchased the land from his father Zachariah Rice on January 1, 1803, however the tavern building was built before that date.

Upon completion of the tavern, the road from Church Hill to Perrysville passed directly in front of it and crossed the Tuscarora Creek, coming out at George Wilson's mill on the bank of Licking Creek.

It appears that Thomas Henderson, another tavern owner in St. Tammany's Town, was envious of Jacob's profitable business. Henderson used his influence to have a new road built that went directly in front of his tavern, store and distillery.

Since most travelers preferred the new road, Jacob's business suffered accordingly. Thus his tavern closed in 1834. In that same year Jacob sold the farm on which the tavern was built to Daniel Hertzler. After that sale the property was divided into five different farms. Subsequent owners were of the farm at the junction of Licking and Tuscarora Creeks were the Hertzlers, Forest and Mary McClure, Paul and Maude McClure and Larry and Brenda [McClure] Guyer.

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This is a drawing of the tavern building by Sandy McClure.

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