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SESQUI-CENTENNIAL BEARD CONTEST WINNERS: The winners and their awards (Front Row l-r) William Hubler (U-Beard); Harold Miller (Pork Chops); James Hubler 17, (Youngest entrant); (Back Row l-r) John Ewalt (Van Dyke and mustache); Donald Hussler (Miscellaneous); Frank Zimmerman 79, (Oldest Entrant); Evard Meloy (Full Beard). Fifty-eight Brothers of the Brush competed.
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Part of the Sesqui-centennial celebration was a beard growing contest. Participants were known as "Brothers of the Brush".

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SESQUI-CENTENNIAL BEARD CONTEST OFFICIALS: Bernie Reagan (left) emceed the contest, while Glenn Leister (right) was chairman of the program. Judges shown are: William Good, Thompsontown; Homer Kepler, Millerstown; Joseph and Eugene Kuhns, both of Lewistown. All were qualified to do judging as they are all barbers.
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SHAVING PERMIT BUTTON: Any male in Port Royal was required to buy a permit if he wanted to shave during the month of the ceremony. This pin indicated that the permit had been acquired.

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